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Wyoming Right to Life is pleased to announce its 2022 endorsements for Wyoming House and Senate candidates.  We awarded a whopping 56 endorsements!  This could change as completed Questionnaires are still trickling in, so watch this space.

A few of notes on the endorsements:

1) In several contested races, two or three candidates were endorsed.  The voters of those districts can be assured that no matter which of them prevails, life will be protected – the voters will simply have to decide on issues other than life from conception to natural death.

2) We sent our Questionnaire to almost everyone who filed.  As expected, we received very few responses from Democrats.  However, one pro-abortion Democrat who returned the Questionnaire is opposed the euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide – common ground has been found!

3) We made every possible attempt to clarify some of the responses when we suspected that a candidate had mis-read or misunderstood a question.

4) “No Endorsement” means either a candidate did not respond, or a candidate responded with answers that were not substantially pro-life.  If you live in a District with “No Endorsement,” press your candidates on their support for LIFE from conception to natural death.

5) We have no way of knowing if a new-to-us candidate is sincere in his or her responses.  On occasion, we can look back on an incumbent’s voting record to determine consistency.

6) If you are a pro-life candidate for an office other than State Representative or State Senator, and would like to receive our endorsement, call 307-883-0250 and a Questionnaire will be sent to you.


HD 1:  Chip Neiman

HD 2:  Allen Slagle

HD 3:  Abby Angelos

HD 4:  Jeremy Haroldson

HD 5:  Scott Smith

HD 6:  Tomi Strock

HD 7:  No Endorsement

HD 8:  Steve Johnson

HD 9:  Alan Sheldon

HD 10:  Lars Lone

HD 11:  Jared Olsen

HD 12:  Clarence Styvar

HD 13:  No Endorsement

HD 14:  No Endorsement

HD 15:  Don Burkhart

HD 16:  No Endorsement

HD 17:  No Endorsement

HD 18:  Scott Heiner

HD 19:  Karl Allred and Andy Stocks

HD 20:  Mike Schmid

HD 21:  Jeremiah Hardesty and Lane Allred

HD 22:  No Endorsement

HD 23:  No Endorsement

HD 24:  Nina Webber

HD 25:  Troy Bray

HD 26:  Gary Welch and Dalton Banks and Tim Beck

HD 27:  No Endorsement

HD 28:  John Winter

HD 29:  Ken Pendergraft

HD 30:  Mark Jennings

HD 31:  John Bear

HD 32:  No Endorsement

HD 33:  Sarah Penn

HD 34:  Pepper Ottman

HD 35:  Tony Locke

HD 36:  Art Washut

HD 37:  No Endorsement

HD 38:  No Endorsement

HD 39:  No Endorsement

HD 40:  Richard Tass

HD 41:  No Endorsement

HD 42:  Ben Hornok and Linnaea Sutphin

HD 43:  JoAnn Taylor

HD 44:  John Romero-Martinez and Tamara Trujillo

HD 45:  No Endorsement

HD 46:  Ocean Andrew

HD 47:  No Endorsement

HD 48:  No Endorsement

HD 49:  Vladimir Allred

HD 50:  Rachel Rodriguez-Williams

HD 51:  Cyrus Western

HD 52:  Ronda Boller

HD 53:  No Endorsement

SD 1:  Roger Connett and Bill Fortner

SD 3:  Cheri Steinmetz

SD 5:  Lynn Hutchings

SD 7: JC Manalo

SD: 9:  No Endorsement

SD 11:  Larry Hicks

SD 13:  No Endorsement

SD 15:  Wendy Schuler

SD 17:  No Endorsement

SD 19:  Dan Laursen

SD 21:  Bo Biteman

SD 23:  No Endorsement

SD 25:  Shawn Olmstead

SD 27:  No Endorsement

SD 29:  Bob Ide

SD 31:  Evie Brennan

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